Orthopedic dentistry „Ilarion Postolachi”


A brief history

 Address: 42 Toma Ciorba, Chisinau , Moldova

Head of Department: Oleg Solomon, PhD, telephone 205-220

Head of studies: Nicolae Cojuhari , Doctor of medicine, Associate Professor

History of the department:

Department of Prosthodontics was founded in 1961 on the base of Prosthodontics Dental Clinic and from 1979 it is based on the University Dental Clinic. Initially Professor S.Mudrîi   was appointed  as the Head of Department, and then in 1979 Professor I.Postolachi succeeded him in this position. At first the Department had only five dental chairs and a dental laboratory. Now it is equipped with modern equipment , instruments and contemporary materials . It has 28 places of work, a dental laboratory , two classrooms . Its staff have designed and developed the whole teaching complex (syllabus , lecture plans, practical and methodological developments , texts of lectures, charts , tables, slides, casts, etc. .) to train students according to modern requirements .

From 1996 the Department begins postgraduate training in residency.

From 01.09.2007 to  01.10.2009 the Department was called “Dental Prosthetics and Orthodontics Department” . The Head of the Department was Professor, PhD  Pavel Godoroja

From 01.10.2009 to 01.11.2012 Department was called “Department of dental orthopedics, surgery and implantology OMF ” The Head of the Department was Professor, PhD Valentin Topalo.

Since 01.11.2012 till present the Department  has been called  ” Ilarion Postolachi “Prosthodontics  Department.    The Head of the Department  is PhD, Associate Professor Oleg Solomon.